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Career Opportunities
Photo Contest 2021
The 2022 Harold M. Manasevit Young Investigator Award will be presented to Professor Maki Kushimoto 
at ICMOVPE-XX, Stuttgart, Germany (read more)
Maki Kushimoto

Join us in Tucson, Arizona, August 13-18, 2023 for the 23rd American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ACCGE-23) and 21st US Workshop on Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (OMVPE-21). (visit the conference website to learn more)
The International Organization for Crystal Growth has announced that the IOCG Frank Prize given for significant fundamental contributions to the field of crystal growth has been awarded jointly to Prof. Peter Vekilov of the University of Houston and Prof. Juan Manuel Garcia-Ruiz, University of Granada, for fundamental advances in understanding crystallization from solutions through discoveries of two step-nucleation, the role of surface diffusion, sources of step instabilities, and the emergence of life-like morphologies, mineral patterning, and giant single crystals in complex and natural chemical environments. Additionally, Prof. Peter Rudolph has been awarded the IOCG Laudise Prize for significant technological contributions to the field of crystal growth in various semiconductors (II-IV, III-V and silicon), including results on liquid clustering, point defects, dislocation networks and the use of magnetic fields having been successfully incorporated into industrial crystal production. The American Association for Crystal Growth is pleased to congratulate all the winners, especially our own Peter Vekilov for this very well-deserved award.
IOCG Frank Prize